Installation of the Queso II / III

Hi folks, this is a short 7-step guide that shall help you to install the Queso II / III on top of the CHIP.
All you need is shown in the picture below:

  1. CHIP (obviously)
  2. Queso II / III
  3. A micro USB cable
  4. A screwdriver
  5. AC to DC power supply with 7 to 28VDC output



Step #1

Align Queso and CHIP as shown in the picture below, the micro USB of the Queso board will end up above the big USB jack of CHIP



Step #2

Insert the pins of Queso into the header of CHIP, start with one side and make sure all pins line up. Take your time, you’ll only do it once and you don’t want to bend the pins.


Step #3

As soon as you’ve lined up all the pins, push the Queso gently down

04 05 06

Step #4

Connect the power supply to CHIP. Make sure that the power supply is not connected to your AC-outlet at this point. The blue screw-header on Queso is connected to the DC/DC converter. Prepare your powersupply according to this guide and connect the leads to the header as shown below.


Take care that the polarity matches, GND is closer to the header, Vin closer to the center.


09 10


Step #5

Connect the USB – data line via the micro USB cable. The micro end go into the Queso, the big end into the CHIP. This is data only, power is directly connected through the pins of the Queso into the CHR-IN of CHIP.

11 12


Step #6

Plug your power supply into your houses socket (ac-outlet). CHIPs LED will light up and CHIP  will boot. The LEDs on the Queso will stay dark until you connect a device and CHIPs linux has loaded the driver.



Step #7

Get yourself a drink … no, not that cheap stuff, the good one …. yep, that one.
Open it …
Have a sip …
Nod your head and say to yourself: “you did good, yep, good job!”



Due to some requests

The polarity for the power connection is the same on Queso II and III, the Queso III has polarity protection, so you won’t destroy it if you screw up 🙂
img_20160921_171737 img_20160921_171722


  1. Great work JKW.
    I just got my C.H.I.P.s and am waiting for you to resume the Queso.
    I’d be ordering 2 and two flat USB jumpers. I’ve got a few Bananas waiting to go in the basket too.

  2. Great work JKW, my Queso is kicking ass. I can plug anything I want into it and it has never had a brownout. I feel for all those with power problems. Thinking of a Hummus next. I have my chip on a shelf in the other room running on mobaxterm w/ my laptop. Now I can sit in front of my favorite sporting event and compile & tinker during the timeouts.

  3. Quick question, just got my Queso, wiring it up but…on this page it appears the Groud (wires around outside I grouped and soldered) goes on the left near the header, but on the ChipDip site, they appear to be the other way around. I am using a HP Power supply with center (+) and exterior braiding (-) .

    • Take a look on the bottom of queso, there are silkscreen Marker for “+” and “-/gnd” i haven’t been super strict with the orientation over the versions.

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